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The Ramifications of Digital and Artificial Intelligence Revolutions on Social Constructs


Prof. Amir Khoury

The digital revolution and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution have fundamentally transformed social constructs, affecting the dynamics between consumers and corporations, citizens and governments, individuals and workplaces, and communities at large. This research proposal aims to investigate the multifaceted impact of these revolutions and the ensuing challenges they pose for law and policy.
This research aims to analyze the evolving consumer-corporation relationship, focusing on data collection, privacy concerns, and personalized marketing; examine the implications of the digital and AI revolutions on the citizen-government relationship, including surveillance, data governance, and ethical AI use in public services; investigate the effects of digitalization and AI adoption on individuals and workplaces, addressing job displacement, skill requirements, and mental well-being; and assess the influence of the digital and AI revolutions on communities, emphasizing social cohesion, digital inequality, and reshaping public spaces.

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