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Prof. Tamar Kricheli - Katz

Prof. Tamar Kricheli - Katz

Tamar Kricheli Katz is an Associate Professor at Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Law. She earned a PhD from Stanford’s Sociology Department, a JSM from Stanford Law School and an LL.B from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Kricheli-Katz teaches and researches in the fields of discrimination, inequality, empirical legal studies, contract law and law and society. Kricheli Katz has taught at UC Berkeley, Northwestern University and Stanford Law School. She is a recipient of the Alon Scholarship for outstanding junior faculty, the ISF research grant, and the NSF dissertation improvement grant. Prior to her graduate studies, Kricheli-Katz served as a law clerk and a legal advisor to Justice Theodor Or of the Israeli Supreme Court. Her publications include: “The effect of language on performance: do gendered languages fail women in maths?” (Nature Partner Journal- science of learning 2021) (with Tali Regev); “Gender Inequalities in Markets” (Annual Review of Law and Social Science 2021) ; “How many cents on the dollar? women and men in product markets” (Science Advance 2016) (with Tali Regev); “Choice-Based Discrimination: Labor-Force-Type Discrimination Against Gay Men, the Obese, and Mothers” (Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 2013); Choice, Discrimination and the Motherhood Penalties” (Law & Society Review 2012).

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