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פרופ' עמרי ידלין

Prof. Omri Yadlin joined the TAU Law faculty in 1994 after graduating the TAU law school (LL.B.), the Tel Aviv Engineering Department (B.Sc.) and the Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley (LL.M. and JSD). Omri's areas of research and teaching include Corporate Law, Securities Regulation, Labor Law, Constitutional Law and Economic Analysis of Law. In addition to TAU, Prof. Yadlin also taught in Ann Arbor Michigan Law School and in Boalt Hall school of Law at UC Berkeley.

In 2007, after serving as the faculty's vice dean, Prof. Yadlin took few years on leave from TAU and founded the Sapir College School of Law, served as its first dean and thereafter was nominated as the President of Sapir College. During his term, and despite its location near the city of Sderot and the continuous missiles attacks from Gaza, Sapir college continued all its academic programs and cultural events (including the international film festival in Sderot and the cultural festival in Ofakim); promoted the academic reputation of its programs and was granted full and permanent academic accreditation from the Israeli High Education Council; pioneered the Gate to Academy Program for Bedouin students; won the first prize (among all academic institutions in the country) for its unique Social Involvement Program; established the Sapir HIE (Sapir Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurship) which was recognized by the High Education Council as the most creative entrepreneurship program in the country; and constructed the Sapir Exlab, the Sapir Social Work building, the Sapir Amphitheatre, the renovation of the Sapir Auditorium, etc., etc., etc. …...

After almost 12 years at Sapir College, in 2019, Prof. Yadlin returned to his alma mater at the TAU faculty, serving as the Director of the TAU Law Clinics Program and as the Editor of the Law & Social Change journal.

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פרופ' עמרי ידלין
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