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The 11th Privacy Conference at Tel Aviv University - Calling

The 11th Privacy Conference at Tel Aviv University - Calling

Every step in our lives produces information, and the result is a trail of daily information. After creation, there are those who collect the information, the suggestions, up to 400 words (in Hebrew or English), must be sent by February 19, 2024

Process it, pass it on to others, create our profiles, and use the information - to their advantage.
The right to privacy tries to preserve our control over ourselves, and at the same time, to allow the beneficial use of information, including its commercialization, to promote innovation and efficiency. In the face of these, we conduct ongoing social negotiations on the right to privacy in relationships between people, between consumers and corporations, and between citizens and the state. This, while the increasing use of new digital services, brings
To speed up the processing of the personal information collected by various parties, both public and private.
The issue of privacy in the information society is at a unique interdisciplinary research intersection: computer science, engineering and information systems, ethics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, politics, law, economics, culture, and more.

We invite researchers from various fields of knowledge, including PhD students, to propose lectures for the 11th privacy conference - the purpose of which is to encourage a multidisciplinary academic discourse about the interface between privacy and technology.

The conference will be held at the Faculty of Law, in a physical format, on Sunday, May 19, 2024. The conference is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Edmond Y. Safra Center for Ethics and the President Meir Shamgar Center for Digital Law and Innovation.

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