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As new and emerging digital technologies rapidly advance, they repeatedly challenge and disrupt social, political, business, and legal practices.  
The digital transformation presents society with a twofold challenge: how to facilitate unprecedented innovation, while at the same time maintaining our commitment to social values, democracy and the rule of law.  
We face an urgent need to address the opportunities and risks that innovation brings with it. The radically different speed, scale and complexity of digital innovation makes this task particularly challenging for the legal domain.    
It involves adapting existing legal norms to emerging needs, on an ongoing basis, and developing new legal measures in view of the economic and social developments that technology brings about.  


Addressing these dynamic developments at the crossroads of technology, society, and the law requires a multidisciplinary effort.  
The Chief Justice Meir Shamgar Center for Digital Law and Innovation promotes research aimed at exploring legal policies and harnessing technological advances to address these challenges. It brings together scientists and scholars from across the academic spectrum to exchange ideas and generate new and exciting cross-disciplinary research. The center further aims to facilitate dialog among scientists, legal scholars, policymakers, industry and civil society to ensure that digital technology will benefit society as a whole.  

The Shamgar Center carries on the incredible legacy of the late Chief Justice Meir Shamgar – one of the preeminent figures of the Israeli judiciary, who staunchly believed in the central role of the legal system in protecting liberal democracy and human rights – among new generations of talented TAU students and faculty.  

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