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We are currently in a new era, where innovative technologies in a variety of fields - such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, genetic editing and more - are constantly developing at an increasing pace and pose fundamental challenges at the interface between technology, society and law. Technological innovation raises complex questions, both regarding its effects on social processes and regarding the ability of central systems such as the legal system to adopt it in order to promote values and improve processes. In addition, it brings to the surface significant challenges, arising from the application of advanced technologies before standards or guiding principles have been determined by social or state frameworks.

Responding to these dynamic developments requires a multidisciplinary research approach, bringing together jurists with scientists and researchers from the entire academic spectrum. In recognition of this, the Meir Shamgar Center for Digital Law and Innovation was established at Tel Aviv University.


The Shamgar Center brings together a community of researchers from various fields of knowledge across the campus to promote new legal insights, reshape legal practice in the face of technological innovation and deal with the social, cultural, economic and political consequences of technology in a democratic society. The center serves as a platform for ongoing dialogue between policy makers, technological entrepreneurs and industry personnel, researchers, students and the general public.

The center promotes research in two main ways: one, the design of policy, legislation and legal practice that will support technological innovation, as well as the harnessing of technology to promote innovation in the world of law itself - in the processes of legislation, regulation and ruling, as well as in the legal services industry. In a second channel, the center deals with ways and legal tools to protect democracy and principles of human rights in the face of the broad consequences of using new technologies - for example, the protection of privacy and personal information vis-a-vis the state, commercial corporations and social networks; A response to the "fake news" phenomenon, online violence, and more.

In its research and public activity, the center perpetuates the memory ofRetired President of the Supreme Court, the late Judge Meir ShamgarAmong new generations of male and female students, researchers, and will cherish his significant part in shaping the legal system in Israel and its role in protecting democracy and human rights. The center preserves the legacy of Shamgar, who supported the advancement of innovation and encourages a forward-looking view of the role of the legal system and its contribution to the development of society.

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